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ZHONGNONG FUTONG and the Republic of Zimbabwe Strengthening Communication


ZHONGNONG FUTONG was invited to participate in the celebration of the National Day of Zimbabwe and China-Zimbabwe Agricultural Cooperation Forum which was organized by at International Horticultural Exhibition, Beijing from August 28 to 29.

During the event, representatives introduced ZHONGNONG FUTONG’s achievements in agriculture and international cooperation to the Ambassador in details.  In the meantime, representatives from ZHONGNONG FUTONG communicated with the delegation came from Zimbabwe government and enterprises.

On August 30, the representative of the embassy of the republic of Zimbabwe in China along with the delegation from the Zimbabwe government and enterprises, 17 people in all came to Beijing International Urban Agricultural Science and Technology Park which was built and operated by ZHONGNONG FUTONG. One of the chief experts of ZHONGNONG FUTONG, Professor Meng, welcomed the guests in behalf of ZHONGNONG FUTONG and introduced the park to the guests. The delegation from Zimbabwe expressed the desire to cooperate with ZHONGNONG FUTONG in energy saving irrigation, high efficient cultivation, research achievements transformation, and park management etc. in the future.

At the end, representatives took a group photo with professor Meng to mark the occasion. The delegation was very grateful for the fruitful and learning chance, and expressed their strong intentions of communicating and cooperating with ZHONGNONG FUTONG.